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  SASH Stoma Belts Limited are manufacturers and suppliers of the following items:-


* Stoma Hernia Ostomy Belt HB102


* Leakage and Security Belt SR103


* Umbilical and Incisional Hernia Belts HB102


* SoftPads SP101


* Stoma Shield SS104


 The Sash Stoma belts have been designed and developed by an ostomist and are suitable for both male and female.


The belts are suitable for all ostomists who have a stoma sited within 3 inches (75mm) of the waistline.


All belts are individually made and allow for differences in waist measurements and the type of pouch being used. No specialised measurements or fittings are required when ordering.


The hole cut into the belt flange is specifically made to accommodate your pouch, through which the bag section is pulled through.


Belts are manufactured and mailed by first class post within two working days of receiving an order.


For UK citizens the belts are available from the NHS with a Doctors prescription or can be purchased if preferred.


Please note that our Made to Measure items can not be ordered through supply companies or pharmacies.  Please contact Sash direct and we can request a prescription direct from your GP for you, unless your GP requires you to request the prescription yourself. All prescriptions need to be posted to Sash to the Freepost address below.

If you wish to buy your Sash product then please see our price details on the Order Form page.


Freephone: 0800 389 3111 (UK only)


Email address: sash.dennis@virgin.net                                   Freepost SASH  (UK only- no address needed)


Non-UK please contact us by email


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