“Q”. Do I need a special pouch to use with the Sash belt. ?

“A”. No, the belt is custom made to fit the pouch you would normally use. Please remember to enclose one of your pouches with your order.


“Q”. Can you use the Sash belt with a two-piece pouch system. ?

“A”. Yes, the belt works well with a two-piece system and can also be used with the two-piece locking systems.


“Q”. If I use two different types of pouch would the same Sash belt fit both appliances. ?

“A”. It is most unlikely that the belt would fit both pouches, even if they are produced by the same manufacturer.




“Q”. How do I measure for the waist size ?

“A”. The Sash belt is basically a restraining flange secured by 2” (50mm) wide webbing which fits around the waist and holds the restraining flange in position over the stoma. The measure should be taken around the stomach and over the stoma. See inset diagram above.


“Q”. Is there any adjustment to the belt length ?

“A”. There will be approx. 2” (50mm) of adjustment either side of the given waist measurement.


“Q”. How do I put the belt on over the pouch ?

“A”. first apply your pouch to the body in the usual way (if a two-piece apply both parts) , then pull the bag section of your appliance through the hole in the Sash restraining flange, fasten the belt, and adjust the Sash restraining flange to fit comfortably between the bag and the adhesive section of the appliance.

Note:- when the belt is in place the plastic slide should be lying on the stomach and NOT on the hip bone.




“Q”. How do I clean the Sash belt. ?

“A”. Wash by hand, or for the best results, in a washing machine set to 40 degrees centigrade.


“Q”. How often should the Sash belts be washed. ?

“A”. In the interest of hygiene it is best to have two belts and wash them frequently.








“Q”. How do I pay for the Sash belt ?

“A”. Payment is easier if done by a BACS transfer with online banking, our bank details are on the Order Form page. A personal cheque in local currency is acceptable and can be mailed to us along with the sample of your pouch which we use to shape the restraining flange of the Sash belt. We will accept personal cheques from any country except The Philippines & Republic of Ireland were we will require a BACS transfer.


“Q”. How do I know how much to send in local currency ?

“A”. Most banks and some newspapers will give you the conversion rate to exchange GB Pounds Sterling into your local currency.


“Q”. Is the price shown inclusive of post and packaging ?

“A”. Yes, the price is inclusive of packaging and first class Royal Mail delivery.


"Q". How large is the package when mailed ?

"A". We try to pack the polymailer as flat as possible to pass through most normal household letter boxes, shields & large flanges will not pass through so will need Royal Mail postman to knock.


“Q”. How long will it take to make the Sash belt. ?

“A”. On receipt of your Order Form, Cheque and sample Pouch the custom-made belt will take approx. two working days to complete.




“Q”. Will I have to pay Customs duty on the Sash belt. ?

“A”. In most countries throughout the world the belt is exempt from Import Duty and is classified as a non-elasticated support belt under the “Commodity Code No.9021 9000”. A Customs sticker to this affect will be displayed on the envelope when mailed to you.


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